The Upgraded Hub: Giving Your Patrons More Than Just a Coffee Fix

Coffee Shop in UtahThere are three things in this world that people will never get tired of: good food, good company, and good art. People will flock to museums and concert halls to get a taste of something aesthetically-beautiful and artistic

Why not offer the same thing at a much lower price in your very own cafe?

Exhibit Wall

A cafe is the perfect place to share, trade, and buy art. What could be a more appropriate complement to your service than a mini-museum? Talk to your recreation contractor and find out which wall would be best for the exhibit. In this case, you have a few options, says Hogan Construction Group. You can either make it into long shelves for placing various artworks or just hang long planks of wood with hooks on them to mount paintings.

Stage and Technical Booth

The city is filled with great performers of different genres and media. If you want more people to come to your place and actually stay, make your place available for local bands and stand up comics. The stage doesn’t have to be very big; just enough for two or three performers, their instruments and a couple of microphone stands. Go full force and install a tech booth so you shows can have better lights and sounds.

Hidden Projector and Screen

Film presentations are great for people who like watching movies with an intimate crowd but don’t like doing it in the cinema. Be the middle ground for couples and individuals and set up an intimate weekly film viewing. It’ll be super easy: they pay for a ticket, they get complimentary food and drink, and they get to watch a film they like and with a like-minded audience.

The coffee house can be more than just for sipping and brewing. No matter the size of your establishment, all it takes is a little innovation and creativity to show people that you want them to stay and have fun. Get a feel of your Utah community so you can get a feel of what might work best with your cafe upgrade.