The Various Methods of Stump Removal

Stump Removal in TaurangaYou finally managed to cut down that large tree in the backyard. Unfortunately, a large stump was left – an eyesore on the landscape.

Fortunately, there are a handful of viable alternatives available to remove tree stumps. The processes can be laborious and dangerous, especially when you are dealing with the unknown. Therefore, an alternative is hiring a professional stump remover to handle the process.

The first step in eliminating tree stump is to assess it and the difficulty of its removal. After assessment, the following are some of the ways to get rid of stumps.

Digging out the Stump by hand

The stump has to be relatively small or from an older or diseased tree to use this method. Younger and healthier tree stumps can be difficult to dig out because the roots hold the ground firmly.

To dig out the stump, you will need tools such as a chainsaw, pick mattock, digging bar, shovel, axe, and a truck to pull out the stump.

Use Chemicals to eat away the stump

Manual labour is not for everyone. If that is the case for you, using a chemical will be a relatively better option. Here, you need a chainsaw, drill, potassium nitrate, axe, and fuel or kerosene.

Start drilling holes into the stump and pour large amounts of potassium nitrate into them. The chemical dissolves the stump and makes it spongy for easy breaking using an axe.

Grind the stump

You can hire a stump grinder from a machine rental house near you and just grind the stump by yourself. However, always use protective gear, especially goggles, to avoid flying debris and rocks.

Burning the stump

Instead of trying methods that are too laborious or hazardous such as digging and use of chemicals respectively, why not just burn down the stump? However, this method has side effects on the environment.

No matter what method you use, always plan each step carefully. Make sure that your equipment is at their peak condition. Finally, if all else fails, call a professional.