Tips for a Travelling Cosplayer

CosplayingIn cosplay conventions, whether they’re for anime, manga, video games, TV shows or comic books, there will always be people ready to bring characters to life by dressing up as their fictional heroes – or favourite villains. Global Gear shares that if going to a convention as a cosplayer is stressful enough, travelling with all your stuff  – costumes, replica weapons, the works — is even more nerve-wracking.

Here are some travel secrets you might want to take note of on your next trip to a cosplay convention overseas.

Costumes and Weapons in Sturdy Boxes

It may be necessary for you to keep your replica weapons and other costumes in a box because there’s a chance that they will not be allowed in a carry-on baggage. Put your wings, headdresses and other large items in sturdy boxes so you don’t end up with broken or heavily damaged costumes that would cost you your whole look. Also, make sure that you secure these in bubble wrap or with foam peanuts to minimise the damage that turbulences may inflict.

Keep Casual Clothes to a Minimum

If you’re going to spend most of your days at the convention in costume, then there’s no need to pack too many sets of street clothes. All you need are a couple of shirts, a pair or two of jeans or shorts that you can wear repeatedly, and several sets of underwear.

Extra Bags are a Necessity

If you leave for a convention with a luggage half-full, expect that you will fill that up by the end of your trip. If you’re a huge merch hoarder, make sure you pack extra bags because all of that won’t fit your luggage – and that’s a big possibility.

You also need extra bags to stuff your dirty laundry in and keep organised. If you leave your stuff sprawled in your luggage, then it’ll take some time before you find what you need – and if you’re in a rush, that’s not a good idea.

Essentials that Make Conventions Bearable

This is the best time to invest in a power bank or a portable camera charger because you never know when the situation might call for it. Imagine taking a picture with a cosplayer you admire and discover you’ve run out of batteries. Yikes!

Stay fresh throughout the convention by packing a deodorant and baby wipes, especially when you’re too tired to take your make-up off.

Other things to bring: eye drops, comfortable shoes and most especially, extra cash.

Overseas conventions are a lot of fun, but if you make a prepping mistake, then you will be spending the whole trip worried and thinking about what could have been. Make sure you list all the things you need and have fun making friends from the same – or different – fandoms!