Tips to Guide You When Buying a Portable AC

Portable Air Conditioner in Salt Lake City.Portable air conditioners offer excellent options for homes that do not have the more comprehensive central air conditioner. From easy installation to instant operation, the convenience of these units is unmatched.

While everyone would like to get a cheap portable air conditioner, there are other important factors to consider. If you have decided to buy this equipment, the following tips will come in handy.


The capacity of an air conditioner depends on the size of the room it can serve. It is important to match the cooling power of your portable AC with room size. This will prevent unnecessary wastage of money or energy. As you size the equipment, make sure you factor in things such as quality of insulation and environmental factors in Salt Lake City.


For many portable ACs, draining moisture is the only major maintenance requirement. There are many ways of draining the moisture, including attaching a hosepipe and using a pump. If you need a completely maintenance-free equipment, ask air conditioner installers Salt Lake City, such as All Hours Plumbing, to get you a self-evaporative model.


The energy efficiency ratio (EER) is a concern for most homes in Salt Lake City. If your energy bills and impact on the environment worry you, maybe you should consider buying an energy-rated AC. The EER will help you to choose the best portable AC because it tells you the energy efficiency. Choose a unit with a high EER.

Number and Type of Controls

Portable ACs can have all manner of controls. Some have programmable thermostats and other digital controls while others can only be digitally controlled. Each of these options has its drawbacks and positives. For instance, digital controls deteriorate faster, but they are hands-free and convenient.

If you are interested in buying a portable air conditioner, you not only need to look at the cost, but also consider factors that affect usability. Some of them have been highlighted in this article and should help you as you head to the stores.