TMJ: Simple Remedies to Cope with a Jaw Disorder

Jaw Disorder in South BendTemporomandibular joint disorder or TMJ happens when your jaw is misaligned. TMJ disorder ranges from the simple discomfort to really painful instances. There are various causes of TMJ, from external trauma to osteoarthritis and birth defects. While highly curable, it takes time and patience to fully recover from TMJ.

Here are some steps to naturally cope with the disorder to lessen the chances of having to undergo an operation (if possible):

  1. Good posture

Good posture can give numerous benefits to your body. Aside from preventing muscle pains, it can also prevent TMJ or help in its healing process. A good posture would mean putting less pressure to your jaw and neck. Less pressure means better and accurate healing for your TMJ.

  1. Jaw exercises

Many medical institutions provide physical therapy for various disorders like TMJ. While minor cases of TMJ usually heals without healing and intervention, more severe cases would benefit from regular therapy and the right exercises. Depending on your doctor, you can do simple jaw exercises at home or with the aid of a professional to help TMJ from recurring.

  1. Right diet

Your jaw is the part of your body that is mainly affected. This would mean that you diet would also be affected. Avoid crunchy and hard food to prevent yourself from exerting too much pressure in chewing. Shifting to a healthy diet consist of fruits and vegetables can help remove toxins from your body, which in turn can help you recuperate faster.

  1. Mouth guard (if needed)

Some dentists would recommend wearing a mouth guard in order to fix your bite or prevent you from clenching your teeth. Follow your dentist’s instruction in order to heal better and faster.

Although non-life threatening, TMJ can cause various discomforts that can affect a person’s day to day activities. Prevent this from happening by knowing how to properly take care of yourself.