Top 3 Mistakes a First-time Home Buyer Must Avoid

House is being put up for saleIf you are a newbie in the real estate market, you need to glean adequate information about the home-buying process. There are challenges and pitfalls to avoid. Knowing what you want as well as what to avoid can help you make the right purchasing decision.

Before you talk to new home builders here in Salt Lake City, here are top mistakes to avoid.

Relying on mortgage only

Buying a home requires more than just mortgage payments. Even if your mortgage is ready, you may not be able to own a home. Other expenses tied to home ownership include property taxes, homeowners’ association contributions, maintenance, and utility bills.

Besides, taxes and insurance charges are bound to increase annually. If you are considering job switches that may lead to relocation, these too might affect your chances of owning a home.

Looking for a home before you secure a loan

The process of buying a home should begin with mortgage prequalification. Unless you have enough money to pay cash, you should get prequalified first, and then look for a home. According to a recent survey, some 82% of homebuyers get preapproved first.

Doing the reverse may land you into big financial problems. What if you look for a house first and then find out that you do not qualify or you get less than what you expected?

Skimping on professional help

If you are a new homebuyer, you will need the services of a reliable real estate agent. Consult with competent new home builders Salt Lake City to find out what is trending. In addition to reliable agents, you need to consult a loan officer, a broker, and a lawyer.

Going into a home buying affair without professional help can lead to making wrong decisions. Avoid dealing directly with a listing agent. Find support from a reliable buyer’s agent.


Buying your first home is a milestone. In addition to seeking mortgage approval and finding a reliable agent, avoiding these mistakes could help you acquire your home with less hustle.