Total Destruction: What You can Learn from this Orem Disaster

A house that has been burntA home in Utah experienced two fires in two days, causing total loss of the property. It seems like something you’d see on a TV show where the owner is a character with the worst luck in the world. In real life, however, it means there are plenty of issues in the house that need to be addressed.

The First Fire

According to, the first fire started because of a bathroom fan that failed in the residence. The fan could have failed due to several reasons, such as faulty wiring. Neglect may have also caused the fire if the fan has not been cleaned of accumulated dust regularly. Dust and dirt can cause your appliances to work inefficiently and, worse, become a fire hazard. The same situation can happen with your air conditioner, so pay attention to those dirty filters you’re not replacing.

How It Was Extinguished

Usually, you’ll be thankful that a fire has been extinguished. In this case, however, it only pointed to more problems in the house. A water line burst, which doused the fire. It’s a thankful coincidence in this situation, but any plumber in Orem will say it’s a nightmare to deal with burst pipes. Unless you need that uncontrollable supply of water to douse a fire, you want to keep those pipes in check.

The Second Fire

The homeowner’s Monday has already been stressful because of the first fire, but come Tuesday, the fire has been rekindled, and neighbors saw flames shooting through the roof. This means the first fire has not been extinguished completely, and it also shows just how unsafe the house truly is. For your family’s protection, keep the house clean and maintain all appliances to avoid such a situation.

It doesn’t seem typical for two fires to start in a home in two days, but don’t let the odds fool you. If your home is full of problems, anything can happen anytime.