Training and Apprenticeship Programs for Crane Operators Ensure Quality Workers

crane operator standing in front of his machineConstruction has many requirements and are a dream job for a lot of creative children. While young, kids play with toy cranes and dump trucks. In the real world, these are not toys, but serious business.

Most construction companies don’t own all their heavy equipment. Instead, they lease or rent. Cranes for heavy lifting for rent are common in Houston. Besides cranes, there is other equipment, including dozers, graders, backhoes, dump trucks and others.

The Crane Operator

Like any other heavy equipment operator, crane operators undergo training and certification. The construction industry has a boom or bust cycle. This leads to workers getting laid off when there are few construction jobs, forcing skilled operators to get other jobs.

It also leads to shortage when the construction projects start rolling in. Additionally, younger people may not want to sign up for training because these jobs are not permanent. States have their own requirements for compliance with safety regulations.

Training and Certification

Most crane operators have their initial training on the job site, although there are some requirements for certification. Operations training do not only cover how to operate a crane. It also discusses other topics, including machine maintenance and safety regulations.

Specific topics for discussion range from wire rope, maintenance, inspections, types of cranes, signals, and communication, the weight of items, the angle of cranes, as well as how to check for limit switches. Training ends with a licensing exam and certification.

Potential crane operators can also apply to apprenticeship programs like those from the International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE). The apprenticeship includes classroom instruction and on-the-job training.

For better job prospects, those who have undergone and passed their training can also obtain further certification from the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO).

Cranes are not just any heavy equipment. These are complex pieces of machinery where operators have trained in various aspects of the job. Training and apprenticeship programs help to make sure projects get qualified operators. Further certification helps to ensure quality operators.