“Trimming” of a Festive Christmas: Organizing a Tree-Decorating Party

Christmas Party in MinnesotaKicking off the yuletide season may mean many things, but for most people, sprucing up the Christmas tree is one of the biggest highlights of it all. It can be stressful, though, especially if you have one humongous tree to work on and your time is limited. If this is the case, then why not host a Christmas tree trimming party?

A Christmas tree-decorating party is one fun way to bring family and friends together. It does not have to be extravagant. All you need is a bare Christmas tree and an imaginative mind to perk up the merrymaking.  Here are some ideas:

The Decorations

Make sure that the decorating materials are already sorted before letting people know about it. Do not set up the tree yet; simply put the tinsels, small candy canes, and other items in separate boxes, and place them around the living room or in the hallway. If you are planning to make the decoration flashier, contact companies such as RooftoDeckDecoration.com for more help.

The Food

Traditionally, a pot of hot chocolate and a tray of cookies will do for these soirees. If you have the luxury of time, however, you may prepare something hearty and filling. If you’re holding the party in the morning, have a breakfast buffet. Casseroles, muffins, French toast, sandwiches and bacon will surely keep everyone satisfied. For lunch or dinner, cook warm stews and soups. Complement them with generous servings of cold cuts and cheese.  Cap the meal with eggnog or beautiful glass of wine.

The Fun

Set the activity’s atmosphere by playing some of the season’s most favorite tunes. They can be slow and classic or upbeat and jazzy. You may organize some parlor games, especially if kids are participating in the decoration. Charades, Pictionary, or puzzles are some of your top picks. You may also give away some party favors.

There is no other better way to decorate the Christmas tree than doing it with the people close to your heart. Keep these things in mind for a fun and memorable tree-trimming party.