The Truth in Waste: Debunking Myths about Scrap Metal Recycling

Metal ScrapScrap metal recycling is one of the easiest ways to earn extra cash, as it requires no other investment than time and the patience to wade through pieces of junk in your basement or garage. Nonetheless, lack of information still keeps people away from this opportunity.

As highlights, getting cash for scrap metal pick up offers a range of benefits. Before you proceed, you should know fact from fiction. Here are some myths about scrap metal recycling debunked:

  1. There is no real demand for scrap metal recycling – Scrap metals follow a circular economy model. Some companies melt and reuse old metals to produce new metal products, which later on become scrap metals. As such, the demand for scrap metals never disappears. It may slow down because of various economic factors, but it is a stable industry for the most part. Getting started with scrap metal recycling will pay off in the end, as it provides an equally stable source of extra funds.
  2. Scrap metal is too expensive to recycle – Some people have a harder time letting go of old metal items because they believe that they are being bought at a lower price than their original value. This is a situation where the sunk-cost is fallacy is applicable. Costs incurred for buying your old materials such as dryers, grills, plumbing, and wiring have already been absorbed. Whether or not you keep them will no longer reduce your costs, so you might as well earn from these discarded materials.
  3. Scrap metal cannot be reused – Some look at the state of their scrap metals and conclude that there is no way those materials are going to be useful again. Recycling metal already involves sophisticated technology, making it virtually impossible for your metals not to be desirable. Someone will buy that metal once it undergoes a thorough recycling process.

Now that you know the truth behind these myths, nothing should stop you from going to your nearest scrap metal yard to sell your wares. Make sure you choose one with good pricing and a history of good customer service. Some exceptional yards even offer pick-up services, so you can get rid of your old items minus the inconvenience.