Unexpected Black Lines In Your Carpet: Is Your HVAC the Culprit?

Dark Carpet TextureWhen residing in a new home or a newly carpeted one, some residents see black areas or lines developing around the edge of their carpeted rooms. Filtration soil is the reason for those black stains surrounding your carpet and your air conditioning unit might have something to do with it.

The Role of HVAC System in Filtration Soil

The basic principle is that warm air travels up, while cool air goes down. The air circulation inside your home makes your carpet act as a filter. You see, your carpet traps carbon pollutants, oil, dust and airborne dirt between your wall and carpet beneath the doorways. You need to remember that warm air is fond of cool surfaces. This means that as the air warms, it travels upwards and looks for cooler areas. While it goes to the cooler surface, it will try to clean itself from pollutants by shoving its way between carpeted surfaces.

Don’t worry, your home isn’t the only one who has to endure this issue as several residents face this. Even though vacuuming your carpets help slightly, it is not as effective because vacuums don’t successfully clean carpet edges.

Preventing Filtration Soil

So how can attending to your air conditioning unit in Salt Lake City remedy the problem?

The best way to avoid these black stains is to ensure that the air circulating inside your home is clean. Achieve this by routinely replacing or cleaning the air filter in your HVAC unit. A recommended period to change your filter is throughout the season changes. Changing your air filter doesn’t only keep your indoor air clean, but it also makes your HVAC unit operate more efficiently.

Improving your air circulation can start with simple remedies such as these. Since filtration soil doesn’t only happen on the surface areas and it goes deep within your carpet, try to get the assistance of a professional carpet cleaner. They will be able to effectively remove it and keep your carpet in tip-top shape at the same time. If your air conditoning unit also needs more help, do not hesitate to call in another professional just to be sure.