Urban Development: Creating the Future of Today’s Cities

Urban developmentUrban design architects have one goal: to design buildings that transform present-day cities into a platform for the future. All of this is slowly happening right now in different parts of the world, bringing ideal designs into a reality.

Here are some of the urban developments that modernise today’s world:

Buildings with No Shadows

It might sound impossible at first, but buildings with no shadows are real. In London, architects have begun designing these buildings – with 250 towers planned and approved for construction in the next few years. This solution will finally solve the problem of gloomy urban areas that do not get enough sunlight because of the towering structures and skyscrapers.

Many of today’s urban architects like TheUrbanDeveloper.com aim to design buildings in a way that the sunlight will reflect on one tower and fill in the shadow of another tower. Experts calculate a 60% reduction in shade from buildings.

Skyscrapers Encased in “Socks”

Heading over to Dubai, you can find the tallest building in the world – the Burj Khalifa – totalling 160 storeys high. This isn’t the most fantastic feat here, though. Urban designers are proposing to cover the skyscraper in a giant casing made of fibre.

The casing will act as reflective material—it will start from the ground level all the way to the top of the structure. This “sock” will reflect the entire urban scenery around the building much like a huge mirror would.

Urbanising Skyline Landscapes in China

Chaoyang Park Plaza may well be one of the busiest areas in China, with skyscrapers and offices at every turn. Architects are currently re-designing the complex to expand its skyline—and the results will not be too different from those futuristic cities you often read about in novels.

The project aims to transform classical elements in traditional Chinese landscape paintings and fuse these into the busy urban scenery. The whole world is waiting for the completion of the project.

These developments take the design and build industry towards greater heights. Urban design architects have never been this inspired to find effective, sustainable solutions that will benefit cities all over the world.

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