Video in SEO: The 7 Video Elements You Should Have

Video in SEOVideos are a great way of engaging your customers. Like articles and photographs, these offer visitors something valuable from your site.

The fact that video sharing site YouTube is the second largest search engine tells that people are more visual when they search. As some experts emphasize, some search users are more eager in getting information through multimedia platforms. The challenge for businesses like yours is to meet their needs and create videos they will watch. once said that nothing could be more effective in compelling viewers to take action than a good video. The question is, “What makes a good video for your customers and business?”

  1. Relevant and New

People search for something to solve a problem and to learn something new. Videos can be in the form of an interview or an expert delivering a lecture.

  1. User-friendly

A user-friendly video is something customers can easily search. You can do this through individual indexing and tags in your video elements.

  1. Sitemap

The search engine bots find your content through the sitemap. Creating a sitemap or updating your current one will help you cover this part. This is one of the best practices for video optimization.

  1. Embedding Code

Not all visitors are end users. Others may be mediators who may want to repost your video for their work. Make sure that your video can be embedded in other sites, so you can gain inbound traffic from it.

  1. Viewer Interaction

Videos must engage viewers. You can do this by giving in-video links, survey, and quizzes. The links may also lead to calls-to-action for your products or services.

  1. Smart and Relevant Meta Data

Meta Data is a key factor in all SEO content. Make sure that you fill hidden tags in the HTML code of the landing page of your video.

  1. Transcriptions

Not everyone can play your video, but you can still make it relevant to viewers by providing transcriptions. The transcription is mainly for indexing, usability, and content.

Videos are a great way to increase site rankings and traffic. As long as you know how to use them right, you can get more exposure and provide valuable information to your audience.

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