Web Design Trends to Watch Out for This 2018

Website Design ServiceGood web design is vital to online marketing success. In fact, design failures can affect your Google search rankings significantly. While you can’t completely rely on trends to get positive results over the long term, you can’t afford to ignore what’s currently fashionable either.

Fleeting or not, here are the most important web design trends websites should adapt to boost SEO this 2018:

Serif-Based Typography

Many experts in website design in Utah, Colorado, Florida, or anywhere in America know that serifs are making a comeback this year. Actually, more inventive designers are going to pair serif and sans-serif fonts in hopes of producing a dynamic UX.

Layout Asymmetry

Modern web designers are pushing the envelope of creativity with asymmetric layouts. While time-honored rules are still in place, many are experimenting with ideas to present content in fresh ways. Besides, site owners are usually the ones demanding to give their brands more personality to stand out.

Information Storytelling

The rising popularity of animated visualizations has made web designers better storytellers. With greater access to advanced tools, designers enjoy the opportunity to come up with clever means of communication beyond the usual text.

Furthermore, advancements in augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are going to reshape the screen-based world of websites. Sooner than later, websites would feature videos with unprecedented depth and richness.

Bot Interactivity

Artificial intelligence (AI) is slowly achieving mainstream status in web design with the increased use of chat bots. By understanding the context behind the digital journeys of visitors, websites would be more capable of interacting with users on their own.

Some web design ideas are not suitable for all businesses, as some industries are rather conservative when it comes to adopting changes. To build a website that achieves your online marketing goals, work with an experienced web design company that’s adept at both tradition and trends.