What It Takes to Win Basketball: A Three-Pronged Approach

Training Basketball PlayerThink about this: No one goes for competition before dozens and dozens of coaching. Yet not everyone gets to win—the winner has to be one. So the question is: what does the winner do differently? In short, what does it take to win in basketball?

Learn the 3 things successful players know that you don’t as revealed by the J Robinson Intensive Camps, LLC.

1. Winning starts in the mind

Speed and quickness workouts, dribbling and shooting are all basketball fundamentals. However, if you want to win you must realize that physical practice alone won’t do the trick. The mind has such power, and to win, you must first train it.

Michael Jordan, a basketball legend will be spoken about for many years to come. Why, you ask. Because he knew this little secret: that once you harness the mind, a harmony with the physical is formed that translates to positive results.

Spend at least 10 minutes of quiet visualization of yourself playing and winning at the court. Some people will call this meditation, but whatever you call it, know that it works!

2. One skill at a time

Like mentioned before, it takes months of practice to win, but maybe, more importantly, haphazard, random practice does not yield results.

What it does is some form or organized practice where as a player you know which areas to work on. Set goals and objectives. For instance, do you want to improve your zone defense skills, shooting, ball handling, or is it the fast break transition you want to be good at? Learn how to perfect one skill at a time.

3. Get away from distractions

To increase your intensity level as player, moving away from unnecessary distractions will help you maximize your potential. You can enroll at available training camps for basketball where you will not only get time to practice but also get coaches with years of experience to guide you.

Winning doesn’t come by luck. To win in basketball takes an equal measure of physical and mental practice.