What Makes A Good Advertising Video? Elements Your Video Ad Must Not Fail To Have

Video MarketingCreating good video ads is essential to boost sales. Just remember the elements of a powerful video ad and you’ll be on your way to creating videos that will tug at the heart of customers.

One undeniable fact of today’s consumers is that they’re all busy, to the point that they don’t even have the time to read that well thought out caption you placed at the bottom of your ad image. They just look at the picture, and if they don’t like it, throw it down into memory lane. This “too busy” schedule of people paved the way for videos to be used as the primary advertising tool. But before you jump on the bandwagon and launch your own video campaign, try to consider the various elements of a good advertising video.

Catchy First Few Seconds

Think of the video ads that had you clicking the “Skip Ad” button after the first five seconds. Compare this with the one that had you glued to it until the very end and you will have an idea what made the difference. For any successful video, you need to catch the attention of the customer at the first few seconds of your ad. Globe And Mail said the key is to entice and intrigue.

Pack on the Visuals

While video ads may have audio, the primary sense that videos target is the sight. It must captivate the eye, which will then tell the brain, “I like what I see here.” The audio will simply give your ad more value and will make the whole thing a totally beautiful package. Right here in Salt Lake City, you may want to seek the help of a notable advertising agency. Their experience in the field would have already equipped them with the skill in identifying how to make a visually appealing video ad.

The Three S’s

Don’t forget that keeping your video simple, short and sweet, will be necessary to make a huge appeal to your prospective customers, says Marketing Profs. Even if you have a very good visual presentation but your message was muddled in there somewhere, your customer will not understand what you’re trying to say. So deliver your message in a simple manner, yet make sure it creates a strong and meaningful impact.

Touch the Emotion

Ensure that your video will touch the emotion. More than a mere understanding, people are moved to do something when their emotions are touched. Try to get several people (third party) to watch your video ad and give you feedback on what they felt after watching the video. From this, you will see if your ad has the needed emotion to touch the hearts of your customers.

Now that you know what makes a powerful video ad, you can start experimenting with ideas on how to do your first ever video ad. If you are still unsure, you can always seek an ad agency to help you with the task.