What’s the Buzz? Top 3 Audio Problems and How to Fix Them

Audio ProblemsAudio systems have become quite a necessity in modern home entertainment systems. The various appliances it consists of, however, require proper inspection and thorough maintenance. Thing is, most people have a tendency to check their equipment only when it starts making distorted sounds, hissing noises, or worse—when it makes no sound at all.

Here’s a quick guide on what you can do to figure out what’s happening in case you are experiencing audio problems with your system:

Problem #1: Crackling Sound When Fine-Tuning the Volume

Crackles in the volume may be caused by worn out potentiometers. A potentiometer is the component primarily responsible for adjusting the strength of the signal and changing the volume and bass. Potentiometers operate through moveable contact and gather dust or deteriorate over time. When this happens, a dysfunction in operation can cause crackling noises. Experts from Spectra Symbol say that it’s best to change the potentiometer and make sure to clean it with anhydrous alcohol and lubricate with carbon resistive oil.

Problem #2: There’s Treble, But No Bass

When your audio volume is constantly set above 70%, it is likely that the subwoofer and bass is “burned”. Experts suggest keeping the volume at 30-50% and the bass at 30-40% to protect the subwoofer from wearing out. But, if this is your audio problem, it’s wise to call a technician so that they can replace the parts.

Problem #3: Buzzing Sound as the Audio System is Turned On

Buzzing sounds generally occur when you use the audio system for too long. The problem, however, can also stem from overheating and amplifier damage. There are some amplifiers, though, that feature thermal protection; the equipment stops functioning when it overheats. The solution to the buzzing sounds? Purchase high-quality amplifier circuit boards.

Inspect your equipment immediately upon the first sign of strange noises. Keep your audio systems in check to avoid troubles the next time you want to get down to your favorite beats or watch a movie at home.

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