Wheels 101: Know the Difference between Cast and Forged Rims

ferrari rimsWheels are an indispensable part of any automobile. Without it, having a vehicle defeats its purpose. It is for the same reason wheel technology continually evolves to fit the changing lifestyle of car owners. From the rubber to the rim, a wheel should respond to the rough challenges of the road. Wheels should withstand great pressure and adapt to different paces with reliable certainty.

Apart from the rubber or tire, which receives the direct impact and pressure of the road, a car owner must also consider the component of the rim. The rim holds the tire and is responsible for the strength and power of the wheel. Rims are usually cast metals, but ever since FuchsfelgeUSA.com forged rims for Porsche in the 1960s, car owners had another option.

Strength and Toughness

There are numerous debates on whether forged rims or cast rims are better than the other. This is due to the process involved in making forged wheels. This method of wheel making forces the metal molecules tightly together. The extreme pressure used to press the billet to the rim shape contributed to its durability.

Cast wheels, made purely from the metal ingredient, are strong in its own right. Technologies ushered in new procedures to make cast wheels stronger and more dent-resistant.

Weight in Relation to Speed

The biggest and most obvious difference between forged and cast wheels is the weight. New methods for casting wheels, like the low-pressure casting and spun-rim technology, produces lighter products. Even so, forged wheels are still more lightweight than cast metal.

No definite study proves the contribution of wheel density to speed, but most sports cars use forged wheels. This is because lightweight wheels can conform to the sudden change of the vehicle’s direction or pace immediately. Cast iron on the other hand, fit activities that are more rough-and-tumble and is ideal for large vehicles.

Choosing the right rim material can be difficult. Both materials offer unique characteristics for specific purposes. Thus, a car owner must take careful consideration about the right wheels for their vehicle.

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