When is Cold Water Bath Better than Hot Water Bath, and Vice Versa?

bathtubBathing habits vary, especially when it comes to using hot or cold water. It’s interesting to know that your choice of bath has a bearing on your health.

Age and Disease

Very young children and the elderly should take hot baths or showers. Their bodies don’t need to be shocked awake, unlike youngsters and adults, who often feel lethargic after waking.

Students who need more time to study and can only afford limited sleep need cold showers to increase alertness. A cold shower early in the morning is best.

Those suffering from certain diseases must also think about which type of bath they need. A cold water bath is recommended for persons suffering from indigestion and liver disorders. For those with respiratory illnesses, colds and cough, allergies, and joint pains or arthritis, a hot bath is best.

Hot Water versus Stress

Tension and stiff muscles can melt away with a hot shower. Under a powerful showerhead, the bath is almost like a massage. For those feeling depressed or anxious, hot water increases oxytocin levels. Oxytocin is known as the “love hormone,” which helps relax the body and contributes to psychological stability.

Some  think hot water for bathing is not a necessity. But according to All Hours Plumbing SLC, water heaters come in handy in to improve your mood, since hot water gives relief when you feel stressed out with your busy routine.

Relieve Fatigue

Cold water helps you wake up. Not many people are comfortable taking cold baths because they can be unbearable, especially early in the morning when the temperature is cooler. But it’s this change in temperature that will jumpstart the body, relieve it of fatigue, and make you more alert.

And if you want to prevent hair fall or drying hair, use cold water for your head. Hot water dries the skin and hair. Cold water, on the other hand, hydrates them.

There are other benefits of choosing either type. Cold showers stimulate the lymphatic and immune system. Hot baths, on the other hand, cleanse the body, killing germs.

Both cold and hot baths offer benefits. Before taking a bath, remember which type will suit your body more.