Who Are The Top Online Shoppers in Australia?

Customer Order Management SoftwareNowadays, shopping is just one click away because of the popularity of online stores. Many businesses put up websites and social media accounts to expand their target market. Likewise, majority of the population use the Internet and social media to shop for their needs.

Survey on Australian Internet Users

According to a 2015 Sensis Social Media Report, Australians continue to embrace technology by using multiple internet-enabled devices. Furthermore, 68% of internet users own a social media account, which they use mainly to communicate with family and friends. In terms of commercial use, 32% of citizens use the internet to follow brands and businesses, 20% to access offers and promotions, and 19% to research about products and services they want to purchase.

ACT Consumers

Among the population of online shoppers, Sensis found out that Canberra or Australian Capital Territory (ACT) consumers are the top online buyers. In Canberra, 66% of the population own tablets and computers and 81% own smart phones and digital television sets.

The survey further stated that compared to other Australians, ACT residents are more likely to shop online for a variety of products, including airline tickets, clothing, books, music, DVDs and hotel bookings.

ACT Men Outspent Women

ACT shoppers, especially men, are fond of tech goods such as tablets, smart phones and digital TVs. Men in ACT dominated the online shopping scene; they spent an average of $6,500 annually compared to the $2,400 average expense of women shoppers per year. Gadgets, video games and take away food are the common online purchases of ACT Men, while women usually buy cosmetics and groceries online.

Overseas Competition

The growing Australian online market encourages Canberra businesses, as well as overseas retailers, to boost their online presence. Fluentretail.com notes that customers choose online stores that have the ability to give what they need in the most convenient way.

The Sensis survey also stated that only 33% of Australian businesses have social media presence while 68% of consumers do. To compete with overseas retailers, ACT businesses should utilise the Internet and social media to promote their products.

The fact that the survey found out that consumer in ACT is the country’s biggest online shoppers is a huge help for local businesses – they now know whom they should target.