Why a Gender-Specific Drug Rehab Center Works Better

Rehab CenterChoosing a drug rehabilitation center is never easy. With many different treatment programs available, no doubt it is easy to get confused and feel overwhelmed.

Before making a final decision, you should consider taking a closer look at gender-specific treatments. Also known as single-gender or gender-separate programs, these programs have basis on the unique requirements of a particular gender. As the term suggests, patients participating in these programs do not have any form of interaction with the other genders.

Here are some of the reasons this type of treatment may work better for you or a loved one:

Women suffering from drug abuse are more likely to have suffered from trauma

Medical experts have found that women suffering from substance abuse disorders are likely to be victims of sexual or physical abuse than men. In most cases, trauma victims self-medicate through alcohol and illicit drugs.

Fortunately, reliable drug rehab facilities for women have comprehensive programs designed to help women feel more comfortable when discussing their past, particularly those involving traumatic experiences.

Women relapse for a wide array of reasons

Research has also shown that women have different reasons for relapsing, as they have the tendency to struggle with their own selves before going back to their drug-abusive behavior. In addition, women are at greater risk of relapsing when their partners are with them.

Gender-specific programs dramatically minimize distractions

A mixed-gender environment may lead to numerous distractions, both for male and female patients. As you know, the mere presence of the other gender can already spark romantic interests. This can affect the focus of the patient, resulting in ineffective treatment or extended recovery time.

As you can see, a drug rehab for women has many great benefits to female patients than a mixed-setting does. It is important to carefully think about the potential reasons that prompted the use and abuse of substance when finding a rehabilitation facility, so that you can determine whether a gender-specific program can provide better results.