Why New Zealand Businesses Should Invest in Promotional Products

Promotional merchandise package

Businesses shell out billions of dollars on promotional items for one simple reason: they work. Promotional gifts provide long-lasting exposure and communicate goodwill. They evoke reciprocity, compelling recipients to repay the company that gave them freebies in the form of return business or brand loyalty.

This powerful marketing practice is a mainstay in Australia, and businesses in New Zealand are picking up due to these fascinating facts:

55 Per Cent of Consumers Hold onto Promotional Items for over a Year

More than five in ten consumers keep the promotional item for at least 12 months. During this time, the company that gave the product has an extension of its brand in the recipient’s home. This is a big deal for small businesses, especially when it comes to reach and brand recall.

About Fifty Per Cent Use a Promotional Item Every Day

Promotional products aren’t just kept out of sight. A significant number of people who have received them reportedly use them on a regular basis. This is why utility is a key quality to remember when designing bespoke promotional items.

91 Per Cent Have At Least One Promotional Item in the Kitchen

The kitchen is the most popular destination of promotional items. On average, people spend three to five waking hours per day in the kitchen. For maximum brand exposure and positive business perception, it’s wise to give away stuff that are useful in the kitchen.

75 Per Cent of HR Managers Use Promotional Items for Staff Recognition

In terms of staff retention and motivation, novelli.co.nz reports that HR heads incorporate promotional products in their recognition programs. Almost the same number of HR leaders say that such items helped their organizations motivate and retain their employees.

Over 25 Per Cent of Australians Think USB Is the Ideal Promotional Item

Pens are no longer the most sought-after promotional product in the hearts of Australians. The new king is the USB. According to an online survey, 25.5 per cent of 1,500 respondents have chosen the flash drive as the ideal promotional item because of its longevity and utility.

These figures reveal that the marketing power of promotional products has no signs of fading—even in the digital age, where most advertising activities happen online. Make sure to understand your target market to get excellent returns in your investment.