Why You Need to Stretch Before and After a Workout

Stretching If you’re skipping your pre- and post-workout stretches, you’re probably doing more harm than good. This article explains why you need to do some stretching before and after a workout.

Oxygen Flow

Stretching increases the flow of oxygen to your muscles through the bloodstream. Without enough oxygen, your muscles don’t function properly and you feel aches and tension. A good 15-minute stretch will effectively get rid of any pain and tightness normally associated during exercise. And this means that you can enjoy a longer, more intense workout session.

Prevents Injury

Muscles need to elongate so you can do workout routines properly. If you skip pre-workout stretches, your muscles won’t be in their prime form for the workout, especially running, causing you to become more prone to injuries. Stretching also prevents the muscles from ripping and tearing during workouts.

Gives You More Energy

Your muscles need to “warm up” before you give them a workout. Otherwise, you just feel lethargic because the blood accumulates in stagnant muscles. The more energized you feel, the harder you will train. But don’t consider stretching as your warm up routine. Stretching should be done before that. It can be an aspect, but it cannot replace warm up routines altogether.

Post-Workout Recovery

Stretching encourages your muscles to recover faster following a hard workout. It prevents muscle soreness, which is the number one reason why most people skip a workout day. By properly stretching your muscles, you prevent any sore-related pain that comes after.

Peace Of Mind

Stretching after a workout is just as important as cooling down. This quiet time encourages you to reflect on the workout that you finished and gives you’re a great sense of accomplishment.

Don’t Forget To Stretch

You can do this important step all by yourself or with some tool for stretching such as bands. Tool-guided stretches are great for people who have just started their fitness journey. It helps them keep the right form when stretching.