Will You Visit a Cemetery in Australia During a Vacation?

A tombstone at a cemeteryThe tourism industry in Australia seems to be making a living from the dead, as historical cemetery sites become popular destinations for visitors.

The Rookwood Cemetery in Sydney and Adelaide’s West Terrace Cemetery comprise some of the recent novel tourist spots in the country. Australian authorities lure visitors by promoting different events held at these places and even selling household products such as olive oil.

Lively Events

Tourists have flocked to the Rookwood site to witness annual sculpture parades, bike races and when open days are hosted on the cemetery. Its recent open has drawn people to the “necropolis,” as the even showcased face painting for children and live jazz performance. Of course, the open day will not be complete without demonstrations on how to dig a grave site.

If you are keen on visiting the site in Sydney, a minibus for hire can be a good option for your trip. It helps you move around the city, amid the increase in tourist arrivals. In September alone, the country welcomed 663,500 visitors, up 2.6 per cent year over year, according to Tourism Australia.

Selling Olive Oil

The Rookwood Cemetery in Sydney may promote the historic site with various events, but the West Terrace Cemetery in Adelaide uses olive oil as a selling point. Robert Pitt, CEO of Adelaide Cemeteries Authority, said that the site aims to draw crowds through marketing olive oil from centuries-old trees at the cemetery.

In addition, Pitt said that they are mulling over a new attraction that involves augmented reality. This would portray an animated environment at the cemetery with messages from those who passed away.


The increasing popularity of cemeteries indicates the tourism industry’s creative way of offering new experiences for tourists. While it benefits businesses and other sources of livelihood, tourists should maintain respect for the dead.