Winter Readiness Checklist for Homeowners

Spa in Salt Lake CityWinter is here and it’s only just over a month before January hits the city with temperatures reaching 21 degrees. Unless you have been diligent enough to check everything in your home as early as July or as late as last fall to make sure your winter would be reasonably warm and comfortable, you are rushing right now to catch up.

To make sure you’re safe at home this winter, use this inspection and repair checklist.

  • Start replacing your screen doors and window screens with storm doors and storm windows, respectively.
  • Check for cracks, peels, or breaks on the weather-stripping around windows and door frames. If the weather-stripping is less than perfect, replace it to prevent heat loss. Wooden window frames may also need repair or replacement if there is decay or rot. Any cracks, gaps, or broken glass should also warrant a repair or replacement.
  • Caulk any areas around windows and doors that let in drafts.
  • Check your roof for missing or broken shingles and start replacing them as soon as possible. This is easier than having to repair a leak in the snow.
  • Remove any debris from the gutters. See if your downspouts are leading water at least five feet away from the house.
  • Cover all the vents and openings. Pests may use them to get into your home, where it is warm.
  • The water heater tank may have collected sediment, so flush it. Check if the pressure relief valve is indicating any problems. Call a professional like Preferred Pool and Spa for spa repair in Salt Lake City if you think it’s beyond your capacity to fix.
  • Replace the evaporator pad and clean the entire humidifier.
  • Check the crawl spaces around your home, the basement, and the attic for any leaks. Use a sealant to take care of small leaks. If there is a strong leak or flooding anywhere in your home, call a professional immediately.
  • Check your fireplace and furnace and call a technician if there are problems.

Once you’ve gone over this checklist, chances are you’re ready for winter.