Without Boundaries: Understanding the Business of Reaching a Diverse Audience

The movement of global professionals and people between different nations has become even more fluid in recent years. The political and economic spaces are overlapping and international trade has increased exponentially. Companies have realized the benefits of employing talented global workers and creating a cross-societal environment at the workplace.

Reaching an Audience of Different Cultures

This kind of diverse employee workspace is necessary for long-term success, as the audience have already become diverse and multi-cultural in nature. Therefore, marketing and advertising outreach of any business should be planned to reach a highly diverse audience across the globe.

According to Cook + Schmid, a leader in Public Relations, Marketing and Community Outreach, the focus should be on creating “compelling marketing messages for multi-cultural audiences, ranging from planning and launching large-scale public education campaigns to precisely targeted programs for consumer market segments.”


Improving Lines of Communication

Until some time ago, when transport and the communication system was not as efficient as it is now, meeting, working, negotiating and dealing with customers or colleagues from different cultures involved huge amount effort. But now, with better appreciation and understanding of the intercultural differences, it has promoted clearer communication. Most of the barriers have been broken and new horizons have opened up.

Creating Multi-Cultural Programs

There’s still some work to be done, though. There are many programs in some countries to give information about the cultures of various places. It aims at helping communities learn, understand and accept the differences. People need to understand that diversity does not mean just black and white.

With the knowledge of the differences, it is easier to plan and strategies for different marketing campaigns, including large scale education programs. Prejudices and racism can be a challenge. But, people are slowly strengthening their relationships and building trust worldwide. This has resulted in tangible benefits in terms of success in different fields of businesses.

Making Specific Marketing Strategies

Globalization means that overly generalized marketing strategies will not work effectively. The local practices and beliefs have to be appreciated by the companies, so they are able to come up with authentic advertisements to appeal to the targeted audiences. Care should be taken not to hurt the sensibilities of the local audience. For this, knowledge of their deep-rooted traditions and customs are important. If all these factors are taken into account, then targeted campaigns of even consumer durable companies will see a new loyal customer base emerge slowly.

Employing staff from diverse countries can be very helpful here, as the knowledge of their own culture can be utilized in their concerned geographical areas of marketing. As one famous African thinker has said, the key to success in diverse communities is to “understand the differences and act on the commonalities.”