Women and Their Journey Towards Recovery

Drug AddictionWhitney Houston’s highly publicized battle against drug addiction and her untimely death has led many to focus on the issue of drug addiction among women in the United States. At first, her case may seem unrelatable: She’s a very famous celebrity and a stunning woman with an equally stunning voice that made her the icon that she is even years after her passing.

But, her story isn’t as uncommon as many may think. She’s a woman – a mother who tried to fight against her personal demons and lead her life back towards the right path.

Drug Addiction Among Women

Women are among the fastest-growing segments for drug-related problems in the United States. According to the Federal Center for Substance Abuse Prevention, about 2.7 million American women are guilty of both drugs or alcohol and alcohol abuse.

But, what’s even more alarming about these numbers is the fact that many of those who need treatment do not receive it because of the following:

  • They consider their situation as a result of anxiety or depression, treating the mental health problem while neglecting the addiction
  • They look at their substance use problem as a habit or social activity, instead of an addiction that ruins their lives.
  • They are embarrassed to admit that they have an addiction problem, which causes them to hide their drug or alcohol abuse problems from their family and close friends.
  • They are scared of being separated from or losing their families, especially if they have children.

Fortunately, recovery is a natural state for women; addiction is the unnatural one. As long as women’s individualized needs are taken into account, treatment and recovery are highly possible. In fact, many women find that the support of gender-specified treatment centers for women, such as Vizown.com, and other support groups are highly effective in making them realize what they need to live a life that’s free of addiction.

Recovery is the most crucial part of the journey towards recovery, and its success lies not only on the woman with the problem but also her loved ones.