Wood Siding: Your Options

beautiful wooden houseMost people prefer wood siding due to its natural appearance. The most commonly used wood are redwood, spruce, cedar, and pine. You can choose to either leave the wood siding in its natural form or paint it to suit your preference.

Besides the color and the type of the wood, you can design the overall look of your home when you select a style for how the wood siding will be applied. Here are the various wood profiles that you can use for the siding in your Utah home, according to Double T. Inc.

Log Siding

Logs give your home a rustic cabin-like appearance. You can use redwood, cypress, cedar, or pine logs to achieve this look. The logs can either be dried and treated or painted if they are to be left in their natural state. This is essential as it makes them long-lasting and less prone to pests and insects.

Wood Shingles

Shingles are made from uniform wood blocks, which may be cut into various shapes using a machine for uniformity and smoothness. They are installed on top of another surface overlapping each other to form a systematic pattern. Shingles are environmentally-friendly, so many conservationists support it. You can use red cedar and redwood to achieve that old rustic look for your home.

Board and Batten

If you want a special exterior siding that leaves room for creativity, then this is the way to go. Although they are mostly installed vertically to make the house appear taller, you could also install them horizontally to even the height of your home. You can select different wood lengths when installing to create a varied, distinct look.

If you are planning for an exterior home makeover, plan your decor. Think about all the things you want to achieve since they will go a long way in helping your contractor meet your needs. Also, ensure that you engage your contractor when selecting the textures, thickness, and color of the material to achieve a perfect look.