World-Class Home Designs — Because Creativity Has No Limit

Home DesignsBuying a house and land presents great opportunities for investments – especially if you plan to enter the real estate business. Some property owners even conduct home makeovers, so their properties will stand out.

Those who buy house and land in Melbourne often have initial designs in mind before proceeding with the purchase. They iron out the details of the property design to ensure their planned renovations fit the floor plans.

The following are some world-class designs that redefined creativity in house and land packages:

A Cave Dwelling

A white cave-like dwelling proves the concept can be posh and unique — a Dutch studio presented this concept for a design show. It features a hybrid cave sculpted from fibreglass and painted in white. The amazing design combines primitive and contemporary living, merging both styles for a more profound effect. Although the interiors may look small and crowded, it works well as a pool lounge for the property. White furnishings made from the sculpted fibreglass are perfect for designing the interiors.

A Lot inside a House

While other houses boast of exquisite lawns and lots, one house in Japan brags about its interior lot. Upon entering the house, visitors will see a plane space that may seem like a living room without any furnishing; there’s another side that has three levels for the furniture. The concept makes the simple abode look like a dollhouse on the inside.

A House on Flood

An architect in London designed a house that can float whenever there’s flood. Its ability to float when surrounded by water received its label as part-house and part-boat. The architect utilised a lightweight framework to ensure the house will float. Reports said this design was a solution for the flood-affected areas in United Kingdom. The designer even made the plans available online for those who want to build the same house.

The Diamond House

One house in Japan features a diamond-like design with its geometrically-shaped roof and foundation. It has large spaces on the side, with the common areas occupying the middle part of the house. Instead of having flat ceilings, the property has the same trapezoidal ceilings to make the design consistent.

You may not find these designs in Melbourne, but you can still use these as an inspiration for your own home design. Look for reliable builder and discuss your property plans.

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