Your Short Guide to Taking Care of Everything Copper

Scrapheap of copper sheetCopper is a marvelous and flexible material for a household item. You can use it for cooking, display, and garden utility. Its appeal and versatility are among the things that make this metal one of the most sought-after materials in the market.

Your copper things at home can last a long time. And as they age, you will notice that they will start showing a lovely patina, something that will make you appreciate this type of metal more. But if you do not take care of it correctly, you run the risk of disposing of it sooner than you have expected.

Here are some ways you can take care of your copper things at home, including your antique copper garden planter.

Cleaning it Properly

The key to having shining and long-lasting copper is by cleaning it – not just cleaning it, but cleaning it with utmost care. While a patina can make copper more beautiful, some do not want that green or cyan tint on their metal. Clean it with non-abrasive cleaners. Light soap can do.

Only use the soft part of the sponge when cleaning it to avoid scratches.

Watching Out for Certain Items and Substances

Certain substances can be detrimental to the copper. What you can do is avoid them at all cost. Otherwise, your copper will be damaged. Acid can cause corrosion, so make sure that your copper is lined or sealed with anti-corrosion material.

Having Them Checked Up

If you have precious and antique copperware, it just makes sense that you have them checked periodically. While you are it, you can have them cleaned or repaired, especially if you want to control the amount of patina.

Taking care of copper does not have to be difficult. May the tips above help you preserve and maintain the integrity and beauty of your beloved copper items.